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PUBG: all Updates and Patchnotes in english

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is provided with weekly and monthly Updates and Patches to improve the Battle Royale Shooter, which is still in the Early Access Phase. Since server start a lot has been done and we collect all Updates and future changes in a compact overview.

Since the start of the Early Access Phase on May 23, 2012, the company has been active in the Early Access Phase. In March 2017 PUBG has developed to the present day to the Hit on Steam and is developed by developer Bluehole Inc. consistently supplied with Patches and Updates. For example, there are regular new weapons and essays and improvements to the Performance. Getting the latest updates from, but what is all planned in the future? We will show you below the contents of all upcoming Updates and Patches in German.

overview of all changes

Monthly Update: overview of all changes
Release: Probably 14. September 2017 (already installed on test server)

With a little delay in September, the next month Update for PUBG is coming. The most important changes are:

New Mini-14 weapon: a semi-automatic self-loader that consumes 5.56 mm ammunition. Compact and easy to use.
Added foggy as new weather type.
To the East of Stalber there is now a new village.
Added rankings for First-Person servers.
Pens from grenades must now be removed manually (by default on “R”key).
Grenade trajectory is affected by the player’s running speed.
Glare grenades explode after 2.5 seconds.
Radius of effect of the shatter grenade has been increased.
Crossbow reload speed has been increased by 35%.
The Tommy Gun is no longer included in Air Drops, but can be found normally on the map.
For weapons, the fire mode will now remain in the setting in which it was left when you dropped the weapon.
The color of the crosshair can now be changed in the game settings.
You can now mark your current position by pressing a key (by default on key “insert”).
You can now Center the map based on your Postion (by default on the space bar).
A new key assignment allows you to use healing items in the order: medical bag → first aid kit → bandages (by default on key ” -“). Keys can no longer be assigned several times. Added new sound effect during collision of players and vehicles. For reasons of Fairness, the shadow Render distance now remains the same for all settings.
These are the most important changes to the September update. All patch notes in English can be found on the official website as usual.

Weekly Update: overview of all changes

Release: 10. August 2017 (9. August on the test server)

The 20th century. Early Access Update gets in the house and takes numerous

Game Client improvements

Game Client improvements to improve Performance. The Patch Notes look like this:

Improved Client Performance for PCs with 6-core CPUs or better.
Improved User Interface.
Motorbikes and squeaking tires are not so loud anymore.
The animations for throwing objects in the sun have been optimized.
Fixed a bug that prevented voicechat from being used on the startup island.
Fixed a bug that revived characters standing instead of squatting.
Fixed a bug that prevented re-allocation of the weapon push button.
Viewers on the Mini and world map can now see marks.
Fixed a bug that caused the target viewer to display incorrectly for viewers.
Fixed an issue that occurred when changing the effects graphics option.
The position of the hands at the wheel of vehicles has been improved.

Among the Highlights of the 4. Monthly Updates

which will be uploaded to the servers at the beginning of August, include the self-loading sniper rifle Mk14 EWR, the new First-Person servers and boxes with new Outfits. In addition, you can now finally Horn in cars! Here again the most important innovations at a Glance:

First-Person Server for Europe and North America. Accordingly, setting options for the Ego perspective have been added.

As a driver of a car you can now Horn by Left Mouse Button. The sniper rifle Mk14 EBR has been added. This is only available in Air Drops and requires 7.62 mm ammunition.