Can the duration of Sekiro be a problem?

The rumor is in the networks. A youtuber has stated that Activision will not send press copies to the media before the launch date of the game. This information has not been confirmed or denied by the editor, so it is not known if it is true or not. It is a mere rumor. However, let us imagine that it is true, what can be the reason? Maybe the duration of Sekiro?

The Opinions of the Fans

This article is not intended to be incendiary or feed the rumor mill, just talk about something that may affect Sekiro: be a game shorter than expected by fans . And that’s what I want to talk about today, not the rumor itself. A short duration for Sekiro is not a bad thing, but it is an element that, if unfairly judged by influencers and the press, can ruin the first day of game sales. If it is confirmed that Activision does not want to send the title so that the press has time to finalize it and analyze this point, I ask: can the duration of Sekiro be a problem?

The Bloodborne

Bloodborne was already shorter than Dark Souls. The title of the hunters, at the design level, started from a cleaning of the series that preceded it. The adventure that we lived through Yharnam did not have so many combat options, it was more direct, more elegant in consequence and with clearer ideas. That meant a reduction in game time that also moved later to the game time of Dark Souls III. And it was not a negative thing, in fact, I think Bloodborne is the best title of all these , precisely because of its skillful containment.

Sekiro is a game that is another cleanup, but about Bloodborne in this case. There are fewer weapons, there is no grinding and we know that although we will have lore, the narration is more guided. It matters the elegance of combat and the non-addition of superfluous elements. If we analyze the evolution of Hidetaka Miyazaki we can verify that he is the heir of Fumito Ueda and its subtractive design: subtract to get something better; a fuller, purer, more refined experience . And ole for doing it.

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The hour to last of the Action Games

This sweep of the superfluous has led From Software to get rid of the mechanisms and springs of an RPG. Sekiro is an action game. Our level increases serve to obtain new skills, the improvement of power depends on our ability to improve. And how long is an action game? It does not last the same as a game with tendendicas to the role, right? That is, Sekiro could last about 12 hours; perfect, yes, but 12 or less.

The short duration of Sekiro compared to other titles of From Software makes sense if you look at Déraciné. This VR game lasts just what has to last, and I think understanding that is important. Miyazaki designs without excesses, polishes, cleans and advances, and that is precisely what has taken him to Sekiro.

Anyway, in the gameplay videos that have been released, we have already seen that there will be something similar to the calyx dungeons in the form of trips to … (I do not say more to not spoil the surprise). We also know that the scenarios will be wide and worthy of being explored, so there will always be reasons to let ourselves go and travel the terrain in our own way.

As I said, this text is for the alarms to go on. Sekiro is going to be a great game . The only problem that I see that is confirmed that there will be no pre-launch analysis is that the publisher considers that players and analysts will see a short duration as a problem. Because if it’s a limited duration because Miyazaki has decided it, bless it. They tell me that Sekiro offers 10 hours of perfection and I sign delighted. Because it will be an action adventure, not a role play.


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