Darkest Dungeon 2 and its evolution of the journey

Red Hook Studios confirmed yesterday in an interview made by PC Gamer that Darkest Dungeon 2 is a reality and that it is currently in development for PC . It is the sequel to one of the great independent titles of recent years, which we have highlighted in this house on several occasions. The first installment was a tactical RPG, which mixed turn-based battles with the management of resources and soldiers (whose personality traits are fundamental), along with the improvement of these and our base, all seasoned with dungeons generated procedurally that basically they were a game of enormous possibilities.

Darkest Dungeon 2 still has no release date, although I want to cross my fingers so that this year 2019 at least reach its version of Early Access, which will be absolutely necessary to carry out the final and relevant changes before the official launch, as they say in the interview. Keep in mind that this is a very small development team, but for this sequel the number of its workers has increased to 14.

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This teaser is the only thing we have at the moment

Little else is known about the Darkest Dungeon 2 itself , although Red Hook has confirmed that there will be several changes in the structure of the game, in the goal and even in the setting and maybe the way to face the adventure. Now we will live in a supernatural apocalypse that will take us on a devastating journey, which will test the resistances of our soldiers. I want to think that this sequel will face the evolution of the trip with respect to the first delivery, or at least that is what I would like. In the first game we rested in our base, we improved the facilities, we got more soldiers, we cured them … but always within a well controlled and safe space.Can you imagine how it would change everything if this apocalypse forced us to be nomads and to continue our path by obligation? Open new possibilities and vary the game completely without losing its great successes or its essence.

The interview also comments that both the fans of the first game who cast dozens or hundreds of hours as new players will feel comfortable in Darkest Dungeon 2 , which seems to keep one of the elements that fascinated me most of the first installment: the ability to generate empathy for our characters and the use of permamuerte , thanks to the incorporation of their own personality with their fears and strengths, making not only important the basic statistics of any RPG but also their mental stability. Losing a great soldier in a battle is hard, but losing him because he has gone crazy seeing so much misfortune in a mission is almost worse, and Darkest Dungeon represented him perfectly.

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Darkest Dungeon 2 becomes already one of the independent video games that I most expect. I fully trust in a study that I am sure you have learned from your good work in a superb first installment, which has increased in number of workers and resources and which, by their words, seems to want to evolve and grow the experience, beyond Keep your successes. And if you are still one of those who have not tasted the first delivery, you are on time: you will not regret it.

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