Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII reinvents the saga with the formula Fortnite

With the sights set before the possible arrival of an enemy, the players of “Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII” should feel comfortable in an environment very familiar. The approach of the new delivery changes little compared to its predecessors. Frenetic rhythm, a little pronounced but very long learning curve for dignified progress and easy-to-take mechanics. The main turn has been to impregnate the whole game under the Formula “Fortnite”, the fashion phenomenon.

The Multiplayer Mode

The online multiplayer mode is the transmission belt that sets the game in motion. All revolve around direct confrontations against other gamers. For the first time, a more or less worked-out story has been sidelined. This conditions everything that can be found within it. I mean, you can’t play solo. The modes of combat are varied, but one of them stands out especially, “Blackout”, by which fans jump into the ring with their bare hands.

The challenge is to survive, which requires the search for objects, equipment and weaponry. As soon as you appear on the battlefield you have to plunder and explore the environment than if you will not be sold to luck. Even access to the game map and characters-oversized and less realistic than usual – recalls the titles “battle royale” such as “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” and “Fortnite”. It is not known whether the development company has feared for its subsistence in making this risky decision, but the truth is that it is interesting.

Although it is possible to join a squadron, the raison d’ĂȘtre of this style of play is to fight against everyone. There are no friends; they are all enemies. It’s adrenaline and bourbon speed. Knowing this, it is a dare to be seduced by coverings and buildings waiting for the right moment. It rewards courage and constancy. At the end of the game it is resolved with a ranking where your final position is revealed.

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The Call of Duty

It is not a really novel approach, but Call of Duty has managed to purge the formula and sharpen it to the extreme. You’re right. It feels different but familiar. Different but recognizable. And even more fun. Fast, solvent and fluid connections, varied environments and a very sophisticated armament allows the player to enter vertiginous games where the voracity of the enemies is impeccable, although the reward system sins because it is too small.

The first hours of play, however, can reduce the euphoria; in this game there are always amateurs with more skill and experience than you, so it takes a learning time to assume where the shots go, never better said. The saga has also continued with the incorporation of zombies, whose mission is to survive them but which on this occasion does have a small plot in which a soldier must be saved.. It is a more traditional experience that changes little what we have seen before.

Graphically, the new Call of Duty follows the patterns of the latest deliveries, seeking to offer an impeccable visual reconstruction, although somewhat lacking in details such as lighting and variety of objects around. The war drama he has accompanied in many installments has disappeared but has given rise to a modern idea that can reach a wider audience if possible. The question is, has the battle royale come to stay? Or not.

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